Collaboration … preferably long term, craft, commitment, don’t just make it … make it better, creative, reinvention, stay curious, listen, enthuse, design with principles, make more from less, quality, quality, quality, award-winning ... possibly, dig into details, price it fairly, pride in each project.

Polyphonies – Éditions Albin Michel
Forum – Press & Communication
Les Bruxelles des Révolutionnaires – Maison CFC
Mater Museum – Maison CFC
Lunch with an Architect
Filigree – Gluten Free Cookies
Les Sœurs Brontë à Bruxelles – Maison CFC
L'Art Brut en question – Maison CFC
KCB Jaarkalender
Eddy Merckx Cycles
Tohi – Chocolat Bio
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